The Pandemic Strikes

On mid 2020, the pandemic had struck the whole world by surprise. Demand for masks were at an all-time high and supply was decreasing fast. Sritex, one of the leading textile manufacturer in Indonesia, decided that selling masks to the public would curb this issue.

Shift to eCommerce

Recognizing the growth and potential of technology, Sritex would then form a team specializing in eCommerce. This new team is now called "Toko Sritex". With the help of digital platforms such as a website, social media, and marketplaces; distribution of the masks started to find effectiveness and efficiency.

Leveraging Local Fashion

Soon after, Toko Sritex decided to branch out of masks and started to produce and sell fashion products. With an emphasis on local-made products and designers, Toko Sritex is committed to support the growth of the Indonesian fashion industry.