Toko Sritex Account

How to register as a Toko Sritex member?

Registration only takes a couple of seconds!

1. Click the account button on the upper right screen

2. On the login page, click "create account"

3. Fill in the details required and press "submit"

What are the benefits of being a member?

Being a member of Toko Sritex has tons of perks!

1. Faster checkout process

2. Easier to track your order

3. Enjoy exclusive loyalty programs

What if I forgot my password?

Don't worry, recovering your account access is easier than counting from 1 to 3!

1. At the login screen, click "forgot your password?"

2. Fill in your email, make sure this email is the address you used to create the account

3. Update your account credentials through the email sent

Shopping At Toko Sritex

How to purchase an item?

Shopping at Toko Sritex is a breeze!

1. Click the desired product on our website

2. Click "add to cart" if you still want to browse the store, or click "buy it now" to go straight to the checkout page

3. On the checkout page, fill in the required information such as contact and shipping details

4. Choose your shipping and payment method

5. Process the payment based on the payment instruction

What payment methods are available?

Here at Toko Sritex we accept various payment methods such as banks transfers and credit cards!

How can I track my ongoing orders?

If you are a member, you can track your ongoing orders at the account page. You are able to monitor your payment status as well as the progress for the fulfillment.


How can I contact your team?

To contact our team, please visit the Contact Us page below the footer. Then proceed to send your enquiry through our various channels such as :

1. Website contact form

2. Marketing representative WhatsApp number

3. Company email

Do you accept any offline appointments?

Yes we would love to meet you! Please make an appointment through our marketing representative numbers and we'll discuss the details!

Do you have an offline store or outlet?

Yes we do, please visit our offline showroom and explore our various fashion products in person!

Jl. Raya Solo - Wonogiri, Dusun III, Telukan, Grogol, Sukoharjo, Central Java, Indonesia